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Top Tips for Winning the Football Pools


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 1. Be realistic. Forget massive dividends - though they are not impossible. Look for winnings of a few hundred £ to a few thousand £ maybe a couple of times a season. To do this you need to have a strategy.

2. Don’t use the same match numbers every week - that is a no-hope strategy and a waste of money.

3. Use the biggest plan or perm you can afford - the more lines the better, and consider setting up a syndicate to improve coverage.

5. Use a way of working out how a team will perform - I call it a performance rating or index. I devised my own rating system, described in my book with sample worksheets.

6. Ignore last season’s performance - it has no bearing on the next match.

7. Adjust the performance rating for big team changes and keep your rating up to date

8. Compare the performance ratings of the teams and decide which matches will be draws, then find a perm or a plan to cover those matches.

9. Buy my book and find out how!

Last but not least, persevere!

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