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Why do I tutor Business Studies?

By Phil Marks

Simply because it applies the subjects I love - maths, physics, ICT/computing - to the real world. Most of us need some elements of business studies to succeed in our careers, be it selling things, accounting, designing and manufacturing - the list is endless. Business studies includes all these elements.


As I told a GCSE student recently (and he wanted to become a medical doctor), what he learns now may be of use when he is a GP running a practice - they are quite large businesses nowadays.


It is really satisfying to see a maths equation we learned at GCSE being used in practice in business, or to discuss principles of physics when designing an international communications network to serve a bank.


Too often, and sadly, teaching is far away from the real world, and students cannot see the point of a subject. Business studies isn't like that. It has real relevance, even in one's first job. Even writing a CV is about marketing oneself - presenting oneself in the best light to a prospective employer.


Therefore, it is important to use a tutor who can illustrate the theory with real and practical links to everyday life and careers. This enhances the learning experience as it raises the levels of interest and awareness in a student and the information is absorbed onto a framework of real examples in the student's brain. In other words, this is enhancing the memory-mapping process.

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