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No, it's not about sexual equality, although that's ok! This page is about the fairer sex and some of my online dating experiences and mistakes.

As I've aged and tried to find a lady who is interested in out of the way anchorages, ocean voyages and is able to hold her own in a gale, I've had some interesting experiences....it's been a tough ask....

As I started writing about my experiences, I realised that it was getting a bit too long for a web page, so I'm now shaping it into an article, which will be published soon on this site.

In the meantime, some of the detail is in my blog, sailing soulmates

Or, if you wanto to get on with the search then I can recommend Lovesail - I've made some great friends both male and female. There's usually a get-together at the Southampton Boat Show and occasional other meets. 



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